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The sight of your pet scratching himself may not seem alarming in and of itself, but any signs of a skin problem may be a cause for concern. Lumps, rashes, parasites and itchy lesions may be red flags for conditions that call for skilled pet dermatology in Wausau. But there's no need for panic. Get the high-quality veterinary dermatology services your pet needs and deserves right here at Wausau Animal Hospital.

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Rashes, Lumps, Parasites and Other Pet Skin Care Challenges

Pet skin care is not always a simple matter, especially when you consider the number of potential threats to the health of your pet's largest organ. The fact that many pets spend most or all of their lives outdoors only complicates things further -- but even an indoor-only pet can be troubled by rashes, lumps, parasites and other problems. Common skin issues in pets include:

Pests and parasites - Fleas, ticks, and mites love to latch onto pets and suck their blood. These invaders can carry serious diseases while also encouraging both allergic reactions (hence the itching) and infections (such as ear infections caused by tiny ear mites).

Allergies - In addition to the itchy reactions caused by pest bites, your pet may be allergic to environmental irritants, particular plants, and specific ingredients in his diet. Food allergies can causes rashes just as external allergens do.

Infections - Your pet's skin can be infected by a variety of agents. ringworm is one common example of a fungal skin infection (despite its name, which suggests a parasitic infestation). Obsessive licking, biting or scratching of rashes or bites can create wounds in the skin that invite bacterial infections.

Skin cancer - Lumps on your pet's skin can sometimes turn out to be tumors, which may or may not prove malignant in nature. Skin cancer is a relatively common form of cancer among dogs and cats.

Systemic diseases - Your pet's skin symptoms may indicate an underlying disorder such as Cushing's disease or hypothyroidism.

Our Veterinarian in Wausau WI Can Treat Skin Problems in Dogs and Cats

Any vet on our three-practitioner team can diagnose and treat skin problems in dogs and cats. Your veterinarian in Wausau WI will inspect your pet's skin and run tests to detect the underlying cause of the symptoms. Responses may range from pest treatments and preventative medications to antibiotics and antifungal drugs. Allergy testing also helps your vet in Wausau devise a hypoallergenic diet for your best friend, while chronic underlying ailments can benefit from long-term treatment and management plans. Suspicious lumps can be excised and analyzed to determine whether your pet needs additional cancer treatment from your vet in Wausau.

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